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Ciao Paid to review program is easyly make money with review other product. You can make it easyly than other review program.
This step for register and how to make money with Ciao :
Register Click HERE or the banner

Once you have an account on ciao so follow these steps:
1. Click the Member Center and click on the product category can be computer, beauty, cameras, cell phone etc..
2. Click on the menu then you write a review on the page will be writing a review. You need to write a review of this product in the English language. Can not the English language, I see the following tips and trick.

1. Go to www.google.com
2. Enter keywords products that you will review an example: Sanyo VPC HD800. Then you will be shown more link or write a product review Sanyo HD800 please see any posts you select the most suitable, or you like.
3. Next you open http://translate.google.com. You select the text before, please copy and paste to google translate menu, and then translated into English or other language. After forming language you please edit / change so that any posts not exactly match the original. Once you've finished to translate in English. Ok, that easy ? after that you put it / paste to write a review on ciao, select rating and publish your review. Done

Note: if the standard could make a quick review not a review because earningnya per review can be more than $ 0.25
4. Payout minimum is $ 5 to your paypal account. I click my menu and click settings ciao. Then enter your paypal account and do Withdraw.

Tips to increase the amount of $ $ $ IF YOU has the CIAO
How to do:
If you normally use www.google.com to search for a review article, the change is now using the paid program surf, its amazing? You will earn double happens. $ $ Time can review Reviews $ $ and can also seek a review

Ok please CLICK the Banner to this list (This PROGRAM RECOMMENDATIONS, Paid Surf WARRANTY to Pay hehe, of course PayPal ACCOUNT TO)

This program will pay you $ 0.01 every time surfing (if a day surfing to 50 times, you can earning $ 0.50, $ 15 a month) Withdraw $ 20 minimum payment and the duration between 40-60 days

Okay dude Hopefully Helping comrade seek dollar on the internet